Dear Dr Webley,

Thank you very much for taking so much care and patience to ensure that my son’s teeth could all be saved and now look absolutely beautiful!

With kind regards, Ulrike M.

I wanted to thank you very much for the fantastic treatment you have given my daughter Laura. We came to you five years ago when she was nine as her teeth were very crowded. I am so pleased we found you when we did as thanks to you Laura did not have to have any teeth pulled. You gently expanded her jaw over two years making room for all her teeth, she never had any pain. Once the jaw was the right size we had to wait for all her teeth to finish coming through before having the fixed braces fitted. Laura wore those for a year and now she has the most amazing smile. We were shocked when we looked at the pictures you had of Laura’s teeth when we first came to you, the difference is amazing! It was always a pleasure coming in to see you, there was always a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You and all the staff are always very calm and take time to explain things. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, we are so pleased!

From Laura’s mum

I am a new patient of Dr Ranj Hothi. And a very nervous patient at that. From the first visit he made me feel very relaxed and at ease. So did his assistant. It is such a relaxed atmosphere you really don’t feel you are at the dentist. I sat for an hour’s filling and felt no pain, and I have just had a wisdom tooth out and never felt any pain. My heart used to pound with fear at other dentists, now I just sit there relaxed. I would recommend Dr Hothi to anyone, and the rest of the team at Octagon. Thank you all very very much.

From Tania O.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the orthodontic treatment offered by Octagon. From the first moment of referral, we have found all the staff to be professional and re-assuring and indeed they have gone out of their way to be helpful. My daughter’s brace was removed this week and she is delighted!

Parent of Katherine

Dear Dr Webley,

I feel I must write to tell you about the truly outstanding levels of treatment and service I have received at your dental surgery under the care of Dr Hothi and his dental nurse Millie. For several months prior to visiting your surgery I was suffering from very severe toothache in my lower front teeth. Dr Hothi carried out a very thorough examination and discovered I had two abscesses in my lower front teeth (which four previous dentists had failed to diagnose). Dr Hothi then carried out root canal treatment, drilling, etc and my lower teeth have since returned to normal, this was followed by additional treatment of a new crown and fillings etc. I would also like to thank your reception team for doing an excellent job in getting appointments for me at very short notice and contacting me when they had a cancellation so I could receive treatment even sooner. Thanks again,

From Peter P.

Just writing to say a big thank you to you and your orthodontist, Dr Patricia Webley, for giving Sam such a fabulous smile. The treatment he received from Dr Webley was excellent. He didn’t even have to wear his brace for long as he thought he would have to. We never have any trouble making appointments, which in some surgeries can be a problem and Sam never had to wait in the waiting room very long before he was seen. The surgery has a very fresh feel about it as it is new and the treatment rooms are a very calming atmosphere. We always felt pleased with the service we received and on one occasion we had to make an appointment at short notice as Sam had a problem with his brace and this was not a problem as he was seen the next day! Thank you gain for a job well done.

Parents of Sam