Tooth Whitening

  • ONLY £250 Supervised home whitening!
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Up to 8 shades whiter in just 2 weeks!
  • Finishing touch for a perfect smile


Will my teeth become sensitive?

Everyone is different. Some may find sensitivity greater than others. We recommend that you carry out whitening gradually. We supply tooth mousse TM, a conditioner for remineralising tooth enamel for you to use during and after your whitening, if needed.

Can anyone have their teeth whitened?

No. You must be over 18 years of age, dentally fit, with no cavities. Our dentist will give your teeth a thorough examination before you go ahead with whitening.

What product do you supply?

It consists of 10% carbamide Peroxide, which is the bleaching agent in the gel. This percentage is perfectly safe and ideal for home use.

What is included in the price?

A free consultation, upper and lower impressions, lab-fabricated bleaching trays, a tray case to keep them safe, 3x 2.4ml bleach syringes (enough for every day use for 2 weeks) and full oral and written instructions which will be given to you by our dental therapist.

Can I use if I have a crown/veneer/bridge/implant or denture?

The whitening gel changes the colour of you natural teeth only; it will not change the colour of prosthetic materials. If you are unsure as to what restorative work you have had in the past, this will be detected and advised upon at your free consultation.

Will it last forever?

No. Depending on your habits, you will need to do a touch up tooth whitening anywhere from once a month, to once every 6 months. The more staining foods that you eat and drink, the more often you will need to touch up. Touching up consists of wearing the trays with the bleaching gel for one session (either 30 minutes or overnight). Additional syringes can be purchased.