General Dentistry

Our goal here at Octagon Specialist Centre is to distinguish ourselves as a surgery providing comprehensive dentistry to people of all ages to the highest standard. Creating beautiful natural smiles in calm, relaxing surroundings at an affordable price.

Maintenance and long-term care for your teeth is essential to keep a great looking healthy smile. Our experienced team of qualified dental professionals are dedicated to aesthetic and preventive dentistry.

First visit

We are an established dental practice of over 60 years. If you are looking for a quality family practice, the Octagon Specialist Team would love to welcome you to our surgery. We pride ourselves on providing caring dentistry for the whole family.

During your initial examination the general health of your mouth will be checked. This includes detecting any dental caries and looking at the health of the gums and the ‘soft’ areas around your mouth, including looking for early signs of cancer and other disease.

It will probably be necessary to take some x-rays of your mouth so we can see what has been done in the past, and also helps us to assess the condition of the bone around the teeth. Our state of the art digital imaging equipment means we only use a fraction of the radiation normally needed and allows us to view them in seconds.

Your dentist will then discuss a recommended course of treatment with you and a full written estimate and treatment plan will be given to you.

You will also be given the opportunity to discuss any worries that you may have regarding your teeth.


White fillings

Most people these days have fillings of one sort or another. With more and more emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, many people do not want amalgam (metal) fillings because they show when they laugh or smile. We can offer beautiful natural tooth coloured fillings to restore broken or decayed teeth at an affordable price.


Why choose a crown?

  • Ideal for teeth weakened by large fillings
  • Improve appearance for teeth with discoloured fillings
  • Can be used if a tooth has been damaged in an accident

Crowns can be made in variety of materials, please discuss the best option with your dentist.


A bridge replaces a missing tooth (teeth) by anchoring the new tooth to the adjacent teeth at the end of each space. Impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory and within a few weeks the new bridge will be permanently fixed in place.


The perfect solution for creating a flawless smile and for correcting broken, crowded, or discoloured teeth.


Latest news!

Here, at our practice in Bitterne, Southampton, we are now able to offer dental Implants from £1100 Call now on 023 80442100 to take advantage of this great price.

This is the latest method for replacing lost teeth. Unlike a bridge which relies on the adjacent teeth, an implant is totally independent.

For any of the treatments above or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call our team.